Pony club, Activities and off site

At Inadown we are proud to host a large variety of activities suitable for all levels both on and offsite for owners and non owner.

We are affiliated to pony club and run pony club afternoons approximately twice a month on a Sunday afternoon 2 to 5pm, where members get to ride, help and do an achievement badge. These are £40 a session.

Here you will find photos from our recent trips as well as a list of future events.

These range from horseball, beach rides, new forest trips, on site competitions to competing offsite against other riding schools.


Dates coming up (click on link for calendar)

Saturday 21st December Normal lessons Olympia


Sunday 22nd Normal lessons Xmas fun


Monday 23rd Normal lessons Own a pony day

Own a pony half day


Tuesday 24th Xmas eve hacks  


Wednesday 25th Shut Shut


Thursday 26th Shut Shut


Friday 27th Grand national open to all Cross country


Saturday 28th Normal lessons  


Sunday 29th Normal lessons Pony club 2 – 5pm


Monday 30th All day clinic


Tuesday 31st Adult day


Wednesday 1st January 2 hour hacks


Thursday 2nd Fun day


Friday 3rd Normal lessons


Own a pony day

Own a pony half day


Saturday 4th


Normal lessons  
Sunday 5th


Normal lessons  
Monday 6th Suggestions





Pony club


10th and 24th November

8th and 29th December