Pony club, Activities and off site

At Inadown we are proud to host a large variety of activities suitable for all levels both on and offsite for owners and non owner.

We are affiliated to pony club and run pony club afternoons approximately twice a month on a Sunday afternoon 2 to 5pm, where members get to ride, help and do an achievement badge. These are £35 a session.

Here you will find photos from our recent trips as well as a list of future events.

These range from horseball, beach rides, new forest trips, on site competitions to competing offsite against other riding schools.

Future events:


1st – xc lessons pm

8th – pony club afternoon 2-5

10th – horseball 6.30pm

12th – Cordelia jump clinics 6pm and 7pm

15th – 2.30pm novice jump, 3.30 intermediate/advanced jump

19th – polework clinic

22nd – pony club afternoon 2-5

27th – Rob dressage

29th – 3.30 beginner jump, 4.30 jump

31st – horseball 6.30pm



2nd – jump clinics 6 and 7pm

12th – novice and intermediate jump lessons

16th – jump clinics 6 and 7pm

23rd – rob dressage lessons

26th – arena xc lessons


Provisional dates

10th November – newforest ride (12yrs plus, wtc competent)

26th December – beach ride (advanced riders only)

30th December – newforest ride (12yrs plus, wtc competent)

26/27/28th may – 3 maids residential trip

23/24/25th july – mini camp

26/27/28/29th july – newforest camping trip

30th july – pony club week

20th august – tweseldown residential week

7/8/9th  September – adults newforest camping trip


Starting in September we are offering Friday morning hacks, a hack followed by tea and cake and a chat in the viewing gallery after. 10am and 11am £25 a time.

October half term schedule: october half term 2017

Equine first aid lecture/demo

These sessions are run 10-11.30am costing £20 per person or £50 for all three.

1 – Saturday 18th November: emergency first aid and how to deal with an equine emergency

2 – Saturday 16th December: good and bad signs of health

3 – Saturday 13th January: ailments and treatments