We offer a loan scheme at Inadown. They are very popular but from time to time they do become available – speak to Rachel if interested.

Here are what are currently loans get up to with their ponies;

Nelle and Marley


This is Marley, She’s a fantastic young horse that loves life especially when doing cross country and dressage. I am 15 and have been loaning for a year now, loving every minute of it! Along with all of the progress I have made, I’ve now got friends that will be with me forever!

Sabrina and Robbie


This is my loan Robbie. I haven’t loaned him for very long but we’ve already bonded. He’s a willing jumper and you can see he’s enjoying himself. He’s going to teach me a lot and improve my riding immensely. I’m very excited for the future! I’ve made some life long friendships at the yard, and we always have a great time riding together!

Milly and Archie


This is Archie, he is a young cob gelding that I have loaned for just over a year now. He is loveable but cheeky and is willing to try anything. I am 13 and loaning a horse at Inadown has given me new experiences and friends that will stay with me forever.

Izzy and Mr.B


This is Mr B who I have been loaning for two and a half years. He excels at dressage and jumping and is very versatile. He has already taught me loads and given me more confidence. Loaning has introduced me to some amazing friends who make ridding so much more fun.

Harriet and Splash


This is splash, she loves everything especially jumping! and does all you could ask for without hesitating! I’m 16 I have just started loaning her after doing so for about 2 years and I’m really excited to see what the future brings for us!!


Anna and Samson


This is Samson, he enjoys absolutely everything and excels in jumping and dressage, he is a school master. I am 16 and have been loaning at Inadown for about 5 years now and enjoyed every aspect of the riding, friendly staff and all the new friends I have made.


Zoe and Roxy

(photo on way)

I loan Roxy who is 5!
She’s a fab horse who has taught me lots. We love doing all sorts, enjoy dressage as well as show jumping and the occasional cross country.
I enjoy loaning as there is so much flexibility and everyone is so friendly at Inadown


Jess and Nancy


Loaning Nancy has really improved Jessica’s confidence and gives her a chance to have a lot of fun outside of the more structured lessons and club sessions. She also gets a lot out of being able to build a relationship with a particular pony and to take responsibility for grooming her as well as the riding.


Katie and Pickles


Katie enjoys time with Pickles where she has learnt to put a bridle and saddle on him by herself. She has gained confidence in picking out feet. Katie enjoys going on hacks with Pickles and is learning to jump with him.


More profiles to come 🙂