Horses and ponies

Meet our horses and ponies


Big bay gelding, at over 16.2hh he is one of our bigger horses. Joined us in June 2019, a lovely chap who has previously spent his time in a private home as an allrounder.




Misty is one of the “Inadown originals”, having been with us for over ten years she has taught many generations to ride in her time. A firm favourite with lots of younger riders Misty does a bit of everything, from lead rein lessons to showjumping and dressage.




Marley again came from the New Forest and is one of our most popular hack horses, she also enjoys work in the school and jumping. Marley also assists with the riding for the disabled and is a really friendly big cob.





Roxy, again, is one of our most popular hack horses, a real big softy. She enjoys jumping and school work, as well as going out competing at dressage (winning her first competition!.



Dennis (known apart from Menace by his white tail) is one of our smaller ponies, he does it all from lead reins to jump lessons and in the summer you will find him out on the mini cross country course teaching the kids the ropes!



Menace (black tail) again is one of our smaller pones, although don’t let his little legs fool you – he finds his springs and you will find him in the big jump lessons as well as the beginners. He is an all rounder pony who steps up and down the gears with the riders doing everything from lead reins to horseball and cross country.



Cami has been with us since 2014 and since has proven popular among many in the riding school. She regularly does group lessons, hacks and jumping.




Fifi is another one of our riding for the disabled ponies, as well as being able to step up and do group lessons, she is often found out hacking which she enjoys.

Mr.B now retired from the school


We are sad to say we said goodbye to MR B in September 2019, after a wonderful life he went peacefully.

Mr.B is another one of older horses, a real schoolmaster who does a wide variety of our activities and lessons. He takes part in horseball, dressage competitions as well as showjumping and riding for the disabled. Mr.B also enjoys going out hunting.



Newbe takes part in all our activities, one of our popular ponies. He does everything including hacking, show jumping, gymkhana games and a wide range of our group lessons.




Romeo is one of our working liveries, his owner often takes him on hacks, he also enjoys going to the beach.



Pickles is one of our younger ponies but is quite happy to take part in all activities and lessons, he enjoys hacking out. He loves to go cross country in the summer! He is another of our riding for the disabled ponies.



Samson is proving good competition in our dressage competitions, he loves to work on the flat but also takes part in jump lessons and hacks.



Henry is one of our longest residents at Inadown and a real friendly cob. His laid back attitude makes him a popular choice for a relaxing hack as well as a popular for our disabled riders. He also enjoys jumping and loves being out on the cross country course.



Archie is one of our most popular ponies in the school, he loves to please and takes part in everything. He enjoys New Forest rides (having originally come from there) as well as cross country and much more! He is also one of our main horseball team ponies!




Our  oldest resident, Buster is now retired from riding school life but still loves to come up for a groom and a cuddle. He has taught many generations to ride and is very happy just munching grass in the field now.



Mary came to us in the summer of 2016, she is an ex-show jumper and one of our bigger horses. Used for the more advanced riders Mary loves to please, enjoying flatwork but most of all jumping.



Splash came from Ireland in 2016, she previously did a lot of hunting. She is proving a firm favourite among the teenagers and adults and is very willing and fun to ride. She loves to jump and escorts our hacks out.


Merlin – Is now retired from the school


Merlin is on loan to Inadown after retiring from a successful eventing career. She now is used for our disabled riders and hack escorts but still loves to have some fun and go to the gallops or play horseball.





Jasper is another one of our working liveries and again a firm favourite among many, he loves to jump and in summer you will often find him out in the field show-jumping. He also takes part in many of our group and private lessons in the school.




Piglet is yet another of our working liveries, you will often find her our hacking which she loves. Her owner loves taking her out hacking and cross country.





Sally is a firm favourite between many of our younger teen riders, she loves to do a bit of everything especially jumping! Another one of our horseball team!




Theo is a 14.2 bay gelding, a bit of a schoolmaster at most things including horseball. One who can accommodate all riders.


Woody- currently out on loan


Woody is a proper horse as the teenagers like to say! He works nicely on the flat and enjoys his jumping both sj and xc. A popular choice with the teenagers and adults.




A familiar face – Robbie was with us a couple of years ago on working livery. We are happy to say he is now part of the riding school. A lovely all rounder pony and a popular choice with the kids!



Ollie joined us in feb 2018 he has done a bit of everything over his time and a very close look alike to another pony we have here!




Oakley joined us in march 2018 and proved a popular among the adults and teenagers. He has done a bit of everything, works well on the flat and enjoys his jumping.



Scampi joined us in 2017 and has since proved a popular with everyone! He loves hacking and is



dolly 1

Dolly has come back to join the riding school as well as being enjoyed by her loaner. She does a bit of everything from hacking to cross country.


Magic- sadly died June 2019 


Magic joined us in June of 2018, he has done a bit of everything including cross country showjumping hacking etc.




Moomin joined us late 2018 and has proved popular with the children, he loves to do a bit of everything from hacking to lessons in the school.






Midnight joined us also with Jasper and again is proving to be a fun pony and popular among the teenagers. Happy to do a bit of everything and also enjoys his jumping.




Allsorts is a very friendly face to have around! She loves to please and happy to do anything.




Mandy is Puzzle’s mum and since having her has settled back into the riding school. You’ll find her out hacking as well as in the school, she loves to jump and her favourite activity is cross country in the summer!


Bam Bam


Bam Bam is Nutmeg’s mum and again has settled right back into the riding school since having her. You’ll find her in anything from lead reins to the more advanced childrens group.



One of Rachel’s cobs, lovely big 16hh mare that just wants to please.





Flash joined us mid summer 2019 and has already proved a firm favourite for several of our riders! He loves to do a bit of everything.




Oliver joined us in the summer of 2019 and again is a firm favourite with many including the staff! He has previously evented and proves to be a brilliant all rounder.



(photo coming soon!)

Solomon joined the riding school in October of 2019 having previously been in a private home where he enjoys dressage and showjumping. We are sure he will create quite a fan base!



Nutmeg, Beanie and Puzzle

foals 1

Foals are now yearlings getting bigger!