My Day at Lower Peake
It is great fun going of site and learning how to load ponies up and look after them away from the school. The cross country course was great fun learning all the different jumps. The ponies were very excited being somewhere different although sometimes got spooked by things they hadn’t seenbefore. I thought the going through the water was great fun, the big ditch at the end caught me by surprise but I am glad that I did it. I can’t wait to go again.
I was quite nervous at the thought of doing the cross country jumps especially when I saw them.
Archie the pony I was on is a good jumper so I knew I would be OK. I loved going through the the water and going up the slopes. I bit my lip on one of the jumps but didn’t fall off! It is great to go somewhere different but still keep our instructors as they know me and the ponies so well. Hopefully mum will let us go again soon.


We welcome the last of our three foals into the world – meet Beanie Sky’s foal. Definitely the smallest of the three!



We took nine horses and riders to the newforest at the beginning of the holidays and this is what one of the riders had to say about it :

On Monday 3rd
April, we went to the New Forest and it was a lovely
sunny day. All the ponies seemed to enjoy themselves a lot. We had
some really nice canters along the forest and some ponies decided to
jump some of the wet areas which was funny. We also walked
through lots of water areas which was really fun for us and the
ponies enjoyed it. The countryside was lovely and we saw lots of
new forest ponies along the way. We stopped for lunch in a wooded
area and tied the ponies to a tree. Some of them started eating bits
of the tree.
After lunch we got back on and carried on our ride. The whole ride
was around two or three hours. I really enjoyed it and would
definitely recommend it for other people to do as it’s quite relaxed.
Also you can be in a group with your friends instead of being one
behind each other. Thank you very much Rachel for giving us such a
lovely day.


So much news !

Firstly we welcome Puzzle into the world at 2am this morning, Mandy is a new mum and rather unsure, she is not friendly like Bam Bam so please leave her to it!


We have had a busy holidays with lots going on but we will update you with that and photos next week


Busy week this week , still no more foals! we had a great time at fairoak cross country with Roxy, Samson, MR B and Johnny , making full use of the bigger lorry and now the clocks have changed!

Adam has been busy building Misty and Merlin their new stables and I have been busy rolling and harrowing all the fields ready for the showjumps to go out soon.


schedules :

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7th March 2017

Still awaiting Mandy and Skys foals